Vaadi herbals Chandan Kesar Haldi Face Pack review

Hey guys..m back with a review of a face pack by vaadi herbals. It is their chandan, haldi and kesar face pack. Looking at the name , I had high expectations from the product as these three ingredients are quite good for our skin. And i must say, the product actually delivered good results.
Coming to the details first, it costs Rs. 95 for 120gm which is pretty affordable for the work it does. This size product will last you quite long.
Coming to the ingredients, it has saffron, turmeric, sandal and manjistha. Saffron is known for curing dark circles and acne and makes your skin radiant and glowing. Sandalwood is known for curing scars and blemishes and makes our skin look healthy. Turmeric is excellent for curing acne and fights ageing.
Now coming to my review, i have been using this product a lot since 3 weeks now. I love the creamy texture of the face pack. I apply it for 10-15 minutes and then remove it with a wet towel or wash it with water. I honestly see an instant glow on my face. My face appears brighter and i feel fresh. It actually cleanses my skin very well and i feel that all my facial impurities have been washed away. I am personally quite satisfied with the product. I now use it before some special occasion or when i have an event to attend as it brings a natural glow to my skin. Overall, i believe it is a must have product. If you guys give it a shot, do comment below how the product went for you:)
Hope you guys liked it:) See you guys next time with another interesting post:)


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