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Nyassa tea tree face wash review

Hey guys ! I am back with the review of nyassa tea tree face wash. I received it in my May fabbag and have been using it since then.                 
I am currently using this face wash and simply in love with it . It is an effective natural cleanser. It is quite effective for acne prone skin and clears the blemishes     As it consists of tea tree oil which is great for acne prone skin. Details of the ingredients are given below.  I would say it is a perfect face wash for oily skin. It does not dry out the skin and cleanses the skin effectively.  See you next time with another interesting post:)

Ma earth botanicals peppermint glycerine soap review

Hey guys.. M back with a review of an amazing natural soap by Ma earth botanicals. Coming to the details first, the soap costs Rs 80 for 100gm.  The detailed list of ingredients is shown below: The most unique part about this soap is the presence of peppermint oil in it. Peppermint is great for treatment of rashes and has a healing effect on our skin. It has astringent, antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties and hence is great for our skin, particularly in this summer season. It leaves my skin quite soft and cool and does not have an overpowering fragrance. Overall, i quite like this soap as we rarely use this magic ingredient called peppermint oil in our day to day skincare routine:)
See you guys next time with another interesting post:)

Lavender hydrating facial mist by Aroma Essentials review

Hey guys...m back with a review of a facial mist by Aroma essentials, a brand which is known for high quality natural skincare products.  Coming to the details first, it comes in a plastic bottle with a pump to spray the product. It costs Rs 200. I personally love using facial mists or rose water, especially during summer and this product has become my current favourite. You need to spray it on your face from a distance and let it sink into your skin. I avoid using it around my eye area. After using this spray, i instantly feel refreshing and my skin feels cool. I love its cooling fragrance. This mist is a must have product especially for summers or in your vacation travel kit as it helps keep your skin hydrated and fresh. Another great quality about the product is that it is made using the finest natural ingredients. It is free from artificial fragrances and chemicals. So you you can spritz it onto your face without any second thoughts.It is a cruelty free product and hence not test…

Seriously conditioned hair conditioner by Sand for Soapaholics review

Hey guys...m back with a review of a conditioner i finished just recently and have been testing since 2 weeks now. This is the Seriously Conditioned hair conditioner by Sand for Soapaholics. Coming to the details first, it comes in a variety of sizes namely 30g, 50g and 100g. You can check the prices at their official website - The conditioner has a curd like texture and consistency. You need to apply the conditioner after shampooing and leave it for 2-3minutes and then rinse it off.The best part about this conditioner is its ingredients. Every 10g of the product contains distilled water(63.90%) , oil blend of avocado and castor seed(5.85%) ,shea butter(4.88%) , vegetable glycerine(1.95%), silk protein(1.95%) and Phenoxyethanol(0.98%). The main issue with dull and dry hair is the lack of moisture in them. I myself have dull, dry and frizzy hair and using a conditioner for me is a must. This conditio…