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Hi guys..I hope you are all doing great !!! I am back again with another interesting post and this time i am reviewing a face mask by Aura Vedic. Now, a clear and healthy looking skin is every person's dream. But achieving that requires a lot of effort and requires you to take extra care of your skin. But what if i tell you that the product i am reviewing today will make your life a little bit easier and will help you achieve a clear, pimple free skin with regular use!! So before i begin the actual review of the product, let me share the details of the product. The mask comes in a jar kind of packaging and costs Rs 400 for 100g of the product. It is free from parabens, paraffin and other harmful chemicals. The detailed list of ingredients is shown below: Now, the product is basically meant for use by Oily skin people and is especially useful if your skin is acne prone. Oily skin people are advised to use the product on a daily basis to get effective results. But since i have a …