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A Visit to the Bondi Beach, Sydney

Hi guys...I hope you are all doing great!!!! I know I was not posting for quite some time as I was moving to another country. But now, I promise to be regular with my posts and guys, get excited for some amazing beauty, travel and food posts and I promise there will be loads of them. So last week, I visited one of the most famous beaches in Sydney- the Bondi Beach, and Oh My God!!! It was more beautiful than I had even imagined it to be. Spring is finally here in Sydney, and what better than visiting a beach on a bright sunny day. The fresh clean sand, the cool winds around the beach, the sound of the waves and the opportunity to witness the beautiful sunset.....truly made my day!!! I have always loved beaches and after visiting this particular one, I have resolved to visit many more and what better way to take you along than write blogposts about each of my visits. Sydney is famous for a lot of beaches, but if you are visiting Sydney for a short time period, Bondi Beach is a must vi…