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Banjara's Premium Rose Water: Review

Hey guys...m back again with another interesting review and this time it is a rose water which i have been using for around the past 2 weeks. It is by a brand called Banjara's. I have reviewed some products from them in the past and i have always had a good experience with their skincare products. Coming to the details first, The product comes in various sized bottles and the best part is that it is one of the most affordable natural rose waters available in India. I purchased the 60ml bottle and it retails for only Rs 25. The product comes in a simple plastic bottle as you can see below. The main ingredients are Rose Oil, Rose extract and Base. I have used it both as a toner and in my face masks and i have been loving it till now. I love the pleasant rose smell and it helps cool my skin after i apply it as a toner.I would say that it is a great rose water option if you are looking for something to be used on a day to day basis and is quite affordable as well. Guys do share your…

Moha Herbal Shower Gel: Review

Hi guys... how are you all doing...m back again this time with a review of a shower gel which i am currently using. It is the Moha shower gel by a brand called Charak. I received a deluxe sample of this product in my recent Fabbag. The full size retails for Rs 105 for 100ml of the product. So i would say it is quite an affordable product pricewise. Now the first thing that caught my attention was its ingredients like Aloe, Tea tree, Neem , Orange etc. The detailed list of all the ingredients is shown  below: The first thing i loved about this product was the amazing variety of ingredients it has as mentioned above. I believe it is amazing shower gel for the coming summer season as it has some amazing refreshing ingredients like tea tree and orange.Also, the fragrance of the product is very citrusy. I honestly did not find the fragrance very pleasing but the good thing is that it is not very overpowering. But this product does have SLS and SLES. Overall, I would conclude by saying tha…

Greenviv Peach Soap: Natural and Herbal Soap Review

Hi guys...i am back with another interesting review and this time i am reviewing a herbal soap by Greenviv. I have already reviewed one of their soaps in the past and you guys already know how much i love natural and chemical free products.... Coming to the details first,  The detailed list of ingredients is mentioned below... The best part about greenviv products is that they are free from parabens and other harmful chemicals. These soaps are 100% vegetarian and handmade and all greenviv products are cruelty free. The soap comes in a cardboard box and is nicely wrapped in a butter paper. The moment i opened its box, I could smell fresh peaches and if you love the fragrance of peaches, this is a must try product for you guys... Another pro of this product was that it lasted me a long long time and that makes the product very affordable as well... Thats it guys about this product...Hope you liked my short and sweet review of the product...I will highly recommend you to try Greenviv…