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Choco chip cookie lip scrub by Skincafe

Lip scrubbing is so so essential , but we neglect it thinking that it is not required. Many of us use face and body scrubs but lip scrubs are not a part of our vanity. Today i am going to review a lip scrub by Skincafe which is handcrafted and has some great ingredients for our lips:) The best part about this lip scrub is that it has some amazing ingredients like real cocoa nibs, jojoba oil and real cocoa powder which not only exfoliate but also moisturise our lips. Skincafe is known for making cruelty free and preservative free products with goodness of real natural ingredients:) Lip scrubs are essential to remove dry skin from our lips and to make them look healthier and moisturised. And what better than a natural scrub like this:) You require a very small amount of this lip scrub and the best way to use it is to gently scrub it on your lips in a circular motion. I personally saw results in the first use itself and the best part is that it smells so delicious that i almost had to contro…

Vedic collection Green tea and lotus shower gel review

Hey guys.. M back with a review of a shower gel i am currently using First if all, i would like to admit that this shower gel has the prettiest packaging ever. It has a cork to seal the bottle and a cute glass bottle.  Coming to the details first, the shower gel costs Rs 630 for 155ml The detailed list of ingredients is below I am a big fan of the Body Shop and Soultree shower gels. This shower gel has much more natural content as compared to the body shop ones and is paraben free, which is a big yayyy!!!! Coming to my experience, i truly loved the shower gel due to a number of reasons. One, it has the best packaging ever. Two, it is paraben free and natural. Three, it has a very mild soothing lotus scent which calms you down . I have used some shower gels which have so strong scents that my head starts paining:( Fourthly, it has green tea which is great for your skin. The shower gel lathers quite well and you require a small quantity. It is not as natural as the soultree one but still much…

Sheer care Dry skin soap

Hey guys.. M back again with a review of a soap i have been loving a lot these days.. It is by Sheer care and is especially formulated for dry skin
Sheer care specialises in handmade soaps made from a variety of natural ingredients. These soaps do not contain chemicals or artificial preservatives which harm our skin in the long run You can look at the detailed ingredients below: Coming to my experience with it, firstly i would say that it is the most creamiest soap i have ever come across. It actually feels like you are applying butter on your skin. It is the perfect soap i have come across for dry skin!!!  Sheer care is known for makin soaps in the traditional manner with lots of essential natural ingredients rather than the chemical laden factory made soaps.. And you actually feel the difference when you use it!!! You can take my word and trust me, your skin will no longer feel dry and patchy after using it!! See you guys next time with another interesting post:)

Organic therapie Deep pore cleanser review

Hey guys.. M back with an interesting review.. This deep pore cleanser by Organic therapie is like an everyday face wash but it claims to be great for people with oily skin. I have been using it for a week now. Coming to the details first, it has the following ingredients Now let us read what it claims to do Now coming to my experience, i tried and tested this cleanser for both oily and combination skin and it actually works well for both. It has a gel like formulation and is very mild on the skin. It has a very mild scent and you only require small amount for your face. It is a great cleanser becoz my skin felt much more clean and fresh after using it. It does not dry out my skin.  It has a light pink colour with green particles embedded in it.  Overall i feel it is a great cleanser particularly for oily skin people as it removes excess oil but in a very gentle way. It has some great natural ingredients and has worked well on my skin!!  See you guys next time!!!!

Yoga bar: Chocolate Chunk Nut

Hey guys... m back with a review of an amazing energy bar which i came across recently. It is the Yogabar and is available in a variety of flavours. I am going to review this flavour today. Coming to the details first, it costs Rs 35 for 38g of the product. You can have a look at the detailed ingredients below: Coming to my experience with it, i actually loved this bar a lot. It is not only healthy but also tasty. when i had the first bite, i was bit unsure about how i felt about it. But as i had more of it, it actually tasted good and at the same time, i realised that i can eat chocolates guilt free!! It has an overall dark chocolate base with nuts embedded in the bar which makes it quite filling:) It has a very unique taste and texture as compared to other energy bars. The bar is quite good for the price it comes in..even small portions are enough to fill your tummy in between meals..And the best part is that it is not extraaa sweet like other bars and it claims no artificial sugar…

Oud De Venice perfume by Neesh

Hey guys... m back with a review of a perfume i am currently obsessed with. The Oud De Venice variant of perfume by Neesh has become my constant companion in this hot sultry weather.  Coming to the details first, the perfume costs Rs 340 and comes in a pocket sized design which makes it very convenient to use and carry  for travelling purposes. The perfume lasts around 5-6 hours on me when i am outdoors and can last even more if you are not travelling in the hot and humid weather.
Neesh has evolved such a huge collection of perfumes that contains rare natural ingredients that give you a long lasting and luxurious fragrance. I have listed below the detailed scents the perfume contains: Top Note:            Citrusy, Cardamom, CinnamonMiddle Note:      Rose, Saffron, MyrrhBase Note:          Musk, Amber, Patchouli
I totally love the feminine scent of this perfume and am more in love with its packaging. It is quite affordable and worth every penny you pay. The perfect fragrance for a ro…

Beautifully Crafted soaps by The Soap Factory

Hey guys...m back with another post where i review these cute soaps by The Soap factory. I have tried and tested all of them and so i decided to pen down my thoughts. I received the almond, green apple, lemon, strawberry and lemongrass variants of these soaps. firstly i would say that they look too cute and pretty and they smell divine. I believe these are great for gifting someone!!! I quite like these soaps. They lather well and leave my skin fresh and smelling great. I particularly loved the almond ones as they were very moisturizing and they came in cute waffle shapes. The strawberry one did dry out my skin a bit so i would say that it was bit of a damper. Overall, i loved the quality, fragrance, shape and size of these soaps and being handcrafted with natural ingredients makes them all the more special. See you guys next time with another interesting post:)