Hi guys... welcome back to my blog..I am back with another interesting skincare review and this time i am reviewing a facial oil by Auravedic. Now this particular brand is one of my favourite Indian brands as they make organic products without the use of Parabens, SLS or other harmful chemicals or preservatives.
The product i will be reviewing today is a  Skin Lightening Oil by Auravedic. Nowadays, facial oils are quite in trend these days and i myself am a big fan of these, since my skin is Normal to dry and facial oils provide a boost of hydration to my skin. 
I have been using the product for more than 2 weeks now and i decided to pen my thoughts for you all. Before coming to the actual review, let me tell you something about the product:
The oil comes in a sturdy plastic bottle which looks something like this:
The detailed list of ingredients is shown below: 
The 100 ml bottle retails for Rs 250. 
Now this particular product is not a normal facial oil. It aims to help reduce certain skin issues like spot marks, pigmentation and discoloration. 
Pros of the product:
  • Great quality natural ingredients and oils (the list of amazing oils present in the product is mind boggling!!)
  • The product did help me with the reduction of my pimple spots, although i would say that the product takes its own time to show wonders. Do not expect instant results with it. I personally believe that natural products take their own time to show results and it took around a week to actually notice the reduction of my pimple spots.
  • I did not face any side effects or breakouts after use.
  • It is a great facial oil to use, even if you do not face any skin issues. This is because it provides a boost of hydration to your skin and I wake up with baby soft skin the next day.
  • You can use the oil both at day and before sleeping at night. But i personally used it once daily at night before sleep becoz it is very hot nowadays and i do not want to put oil on my face during the day. 
  • Using the oil the night before made a positive difference to my skin. I actually noticed that my skin became more glowing the next morning and very plump and hydrated.

Cons of the product:
  • The only problem i have is with the packaging. I wish the bottle had a dropper cap or a flip top cap instead of a normal cap so that it is much easier to use and one could have better control over the quantity of oil one needs to take out from the bottle.
Final verdict:
I will definitely encourage you guys to try out this product, particularly if you are facing certain skin issues. Use it consecutively for atleast a month and you will definitely see the results. If you are also a facial oil lover like me, this particular product is great because of its amazing natural ingredients and affordable price point.

See you guys next time with another review:) Take care!!!


  1. I love Auravedic products. This sounds like a great and affordable facial oil. Nice review :)

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