Kara nail polish remover wipes: Review

Hey guys...m back with a review of a product i purchased recently. These are the nail polish remover wipes from Kara. All the nail paint lovers would agree that a good nail paint remover is so so essential. I keep on trying nail enamel removers from different brands and i came across these recently.
Coming to the details first,
I bought the variant Rose. These come in 3-4 variants.
Price: Rs 100
Quantity: 30 wipes
These wipes are enriched with olive oil and vitamin E and are acetone free.
The wipes come in a small tub which further comes in a small cardboard box.
The best part about them is that they are very easy to travel with. I find wipes much more convenient than carrying glass bottles of nail enamel removers. These wipes are much more easier to work with.
Also, one wipe is more than enough for removing nail paint from our 10 fingers on our hand and many a times i can even use it further to remove nail enamel from my toes. These wipes are thus great value for money.There is a very subtle rose fragrance to them.
Overall, i would highly recommend these to my blog family. See you guys next time:) Take care:)


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